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Teachers Reading Challenge

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Liz Pichon


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

This takes the form of Tom's battered homework diary - crammed with his doodles and stories.


It was amazing. It was fiction and the character I liked best was Tom Gates. I would recommend that book.

Anonymous 13.09.2020

i thourght this book was really funny and entertaining

Anonymous 11.09.2020

I liked it because it was funny, amazing and it taught me to be like Tom Gates. I would totally recommend it to someone else.

Anonymous 11.09.2020

I could realy relate to this book

Anonymous 11.09.2020

I hadn't read any Tom Gates before, so it was nice to try a new author. It was funny and I love electric guitars, so that was cool. I would recommend it to my friends.

Anonymous 09.09.2020

Interesting and it is fun

Anonymous 08.09.2020

I thought this book will be about a world created by tom and his adventures that carry on. I thought this book is funny and a great book to read as it was the funniest book i had eve read. I liked tom gates the best. I would recommend this to all my friends.

Anonymous 07.09.2020

This is a very funny book about tom gate’s every day life. The best part is when Tom gets detention and every one knows so he thinks they should put it on a massive banner attached to an airplane so the whole world knows.

Anonymous 07.09.2020

it was a really cool book if you like doodling then this book is for you !!!

Anonymous 07.09.2020

Funny and entertaining.

Anonymous 07.09.2020

It was funny because his school photo was a mess.

Anonymous 07.09.2020

Very funny

Anonymous 06.09.2020

This book is really funny because there is an idiot boy called Marcos and on the day of parents evening Tom Gates draws 3 funny pictures and puts them in Marcos’ book to get him trouble. Tom also colours in the teeth on Marcos school portrait. My favourite person is Tom gates because he’s funny.

Anonymous 06.09.2020

This is the very first book in the Tom Gates series. It was a very good introduction to the series and I’m now hooked.

Anonymous 06.09.2020

I liked this book because it was funny. It didn't have much of a story but I still enjoyed reading it. I think this book is good as it is fun to read and at the bottom of the page there is the meanings of some of the words you might not understand.

Anonymous 06.09.2020

Loved this book definitely recommend

Anonymous 05.09.2020


Anonymous 04.09.2020

I loved this first Tom Gates book.

Anonymous 04.09.2020

I would recommend this book to everyone who likes Tom Gates.

Anonymous 04.09.2020

I love all the Tom Gates books but l like this one the most.

Anonymous 03.09.2020

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