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Teachers Reading Challenge

The 2021 Teachers’ Reading Challenge will start in July. Follow us at @ReadingAgency for updates

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Get rewards, resources and start conversations with other teachers as you discover brilliant children’s books this summer.

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How it works

  1. 1. Read at least 6 books – the more the better!
  2. 2. Reflect upon and record your reading
  3. 3. Share your reading with others using the Review and Blether tab
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Why do the Teachers’ Reading Challenge?

The Open University (OU) research reveals that teachers’ knowledge of childrens literature and other texts is essential for developing a rich reading curriculum, and when combined with the four-fold reading for pleasure (RfP) pedagogy, effectively nurtures the reading habit in young people (Cremin et al, 2014). It is the cornerstone on which interactive communities of readers are built.

Modelled on The Reading Agency's popular Summer Reading Challenge, which is run annually to motivate more children to read during the break from school, the Teachers' Reading Challenge invites you to read and comment on six or more children's books.

Reading for pleasure impacts on children’s life chances, so if you participate in the Teachers’ Reading Challenge you will:

  • Develop your reading repertoire of children’s texts
  • Enrich your capacity to foster a love of reading
  • Enhance your reflection on the nature of reading and being a reader