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The Space We're In: from the winner of the Yoto Carnegie Medal 2022

Katya Balen, Laura Carlin


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

5 out 5

We are her world and her universe and her space and her stars and her sky and her galaxy and her cosmos too Frank is ten. He likes cottage pie and football and cracking codes. Max is five. He eats only Quavers and some colours are too bright for him and if he has to wear a new T-shirt he melts down down down. Sometimes Frank wishes Mum could still do huge paintings of stars and asteroids like she used to, but since Max was born she just doesn’t have time. When tragedy hits Frank and Max’s lives like a comet, can Frank piece together a universe in which he and Max aren’t light years apart? This jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and hopeful novel from debut author Katya Balen will remind you we are all made of stardust. For fans of thought-provoking, moving middle grade from Wonder to Skellig


This was an absolutely beautiful book and a heart-rending read. I had so much sympathy for Frank as the narrator. Subjects of autism and bereavement are dealt with so honestly but yet so sensitively. I would especially recommend it for any UKS2 children who may have suffered a bereavement.


A moving, poignant and really insightful portrayal of brotherly love, tragedy and togetherness.


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