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The Girl of Ink & Stars

Kiran Millwood Hargrave


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery
  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills

Average rating

4 out 5

When Isabella's friend disappears, she volunteers to guide the search party. As a mapmaker's daughter, she's equipped with elaborate ink maps and knowledge of the stars, eager to navigate the island's forgotten heart. But beneath the mountains a legendary fire demon awakens, and her journey is fraught with danger ...


Thought provoking and extremely moving although I did lose interest in the middle as it felt a bit rushed after a fantastic build up in the beginning. The main character was someone you could empathise with and I was routing for her to succeed. Definitely recommend to others 24.09.2020

An adventure story with a map to follow! I always enjoy books like this and although it took me a while to get into this one, once it got going I really enjoyed it.

Steve_Smith 08.09.2020

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are interesting and contains strong female characters too. A magical and mythical feel and although slower than some I’ve read in parts the legends of Joya keep you reading.

Claire30 06.09.2020

A good use of myth/legend/folklore alongside a story based around an unexpected friendship between 2 very different girls.

llwalker 29.08.2020

This is a great book for those readers who love real-life fantasy quest stories (and imagined worlds, myths/legends...and books with maps!) It reminded me a lot of Patrick Ness’s Chaos trilogy but for a slightly younger audience. The main characters (Isabella and Lupe) are determined, strong and loyal and I can imagine many readers being very inspired by their bravery.

Katie Beecroft 15.08.2020

Quite a gripping book. Loved the strong female characters. The book revolves around the theme of cartography which is skilfully interwoven into the text.

Bradley20 14.08.2020

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