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Teachers Reading Challenge

20 new fiction books for Years 5 and 6

By Jon Biddle


1. The Infinite- Patience Agbabi
2. The Space We’re In- Katya Balen
3. High-Rise Mystery- Sharna Jackson
4. Sunny- Jason Reynolds
5. Can You See Me?- Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott
6. Orphans Of The Tide- Struan Murray
7. A Kind Of Spark- Elle McNicoll
8. Run Wild- Gill Lewis
9. The Girl With Space in Her Heart- Lara Williamson
10. Moonchild: Voyage Of The Lost and Found- Aisha Bushby
11. Troofriend- Kirsty Applebaum
12. The Star Outside My Window- Onjali Rauf
13. Malamander- Thomas Taylor
14. After The War- Tom Palmer
15. Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy- Zanib Mian
16. The Boy Who Fooled The World- Lisa Thompson
17. Rebound- Kwame Alexander
18. Front Desk- Kelly Yang
19. Little Badman And The Invasion Of The Killer Aunties- Humza Arshad
20. Not My Fault- Cath Howe

About Jon Biddle

Jon Biddle is English subject lead at Moorlands Primary Academy in Norfolk and has a passion for developing genuine reading cultures in schools. He is the 2018 winner of the Egmont Reading for Pleasure Experienced teacher award and coordinates the national Patron of Reading initiative, which supports authors and poets in developing relationships with schools. Jon is a member of the UKLA National Council, a regular contributor to the Open University Reading for Pleasure website and an advisor for Empathy Lab. He writes a blog on building reading communities in schools and talks about books at every possible opportunity. He’s often lurking on Twitter under the name @jonnybid.