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Teachers Reading Challenge

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This is a page to blether (chat) with the Teachers’ Reading Challenge community. We invite you to share reading experiences and great reads to inspire others.

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Good work our TRC community! You are already leaving some amazing reviews for the books you have read. We intend to share as many as we can on the Blether Board so that you can enjoy each others recommendations. We will leave them as anonymous but you can of course reply and say if it is your review! Here is a great review of…

Here in the Real World by Sara Pennypacker

‘I read this with my daughter who is in Year 5. She really enjoyed it and so did I. I feel that the story is unbelievable but believable at the same time. I like the idea that you can travel through time and space but you still need to deal with the emotions you have in the here and now. There were lots of messages that we discussed as we read this book, and we speculated a lot about what the situation would be next! Perfect for year 5/6 age who like to engage with ‘real life’ situations.’


TRC Team

So interesting to hear about another book by Sara Pennypacker. I loved reading Pax to my class this year. Again, really interesting messages to discuss which are introduced through the story.


Found this on Twitter and have sent the link to all my staff. It is great! I will have to up my target though… only set at 13 to start.
I am Writing Lead in a junior school and am helping my Reading Lead to promote reading across the school.

Humming bird


I’m a big fan of the OU Reading for Pleasure website. It’s well worth signing up for their newsletter.



The new site looks GREAT! This is really going to help me raise the profile of reading in school. Thanks!

Humming bird


We are so glad you like the site and great to hear that it will support you in your efforts to get your school reading!

Here is to a school of happy readers!!

TRC Team


We invite you to add a book, then leave a rating and a review (you will be instructed to do this once your completed book has been added). This book will then be logged against your reading goal. You will be able to access your reviews through your personal profile at any time. By adding books and reaching your goal, your completers badge and certificate will be activated! You can also copy your review into your downloadable diary if you wish.

If you decide to log a book and leave a review you can also copy your review into the blether/message board. This way you can read each other’s reviews and comment, starting interesting discussions with the Teachers’ Reading Challenge community.

The audience for your review is either:
A) other teachers
B) children (for the relevant age group) so you can share it in school

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Anyone else here a TA in KS2?

Humming bird


Hello! Yes, I work in both KS1 and KS2, although mostly in KS2.


Hello, yes I’m KS2 and mostly Y6.