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Teachers Reading Challenge

Featured Reviews

Looking for ideas of what to read? Check out these reviews from other teachers.

Zoe from the Teachers’ Reading Challenge team will be curating your reviews, posting a selection based on different themes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can flick through, print the page and respond to the reviews using the message feature at the bottom of each review.

Books are fantastic for boosting moods. Today we have picked out our favourite teacher reviews of uplifting books to inspire reading for pleasure in the classroom.

Aquila by Andrew Norriss

"The message is clear for their teachers and adults too: do not underestimate the abilities and potential of the 'invisible' children as who knows what amazing passions and contributions they may be hiding behind a less-than-confident front."

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The Week Junior Annual 2018

"There’s a mix of something for everyone and can help readers enter into non-fiction with ease. They’re also great for busy teachers keeping on top of news events across the world!"

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Real-Life Mysteries by Susan Martineau

"This book will inform and delight anyone who enjoys reading about a strange ghost story, mysterious monster or unexplained disappearance and be a great starting point for further research."

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